Project Management

Project management or project coordination?

Many interior designers will offer the service that they define as Project Management. It is very important for both designers and clients to understand the relationships and responsibilities inherent in this definition.

Project management is the ability to set their own professional qualifications are available. In the building trade the term means that the management of timescales, cost, health and safety, in accordance with building regulations and quality of work achieved. All this shows is the project manager's sub-contractors other trade, they pay bills and bank accounts in accordance with the client that the price increase. Such is the general project management in architecture between the companies. However, it is not usual for the interior design company operating in this mode.

As a client you can easily work in a sub-contract by the designer as an invoice which you will be required to pay on behalf of the design firm. Working regularly subcontracted by designers including curtain making, carpet fitting, paint effects, upholstery and small timber. The importance of the invoice to be raised significantly when you consider the last issue of responsibility for the work. Invoice for the work to represent your warranty for the results. If the upholstery come unstitched after a few months you will expect the company to improve the design or replace it without charge.

It is for this reason that the contract for anything other than the most minor building work must be between the client and the contractors who carry out the work. Contractors must invoice you directly and you must pay the contractor directly. Whatever the problems caused by poor workmanship or defective materials can be pinned on the contractor. Contractors will also have the appropriate insurance to cover all eventualities in place, something that the standard general liability insurance and insurance that is not possible to do.

Differences in the responsibilities of this does not reduce the value that you get from them interesting by designers for project coordination. Designers have the experience as part of the management team of the project to prevent many problems from happening in the first place and remove the stress from solving the problems that will occur in even the best managed sites. Remember that even if the project co-ordinator's responsibility is limited to law in their service in this case is often invaluable.

The co-ordinator will conduct field visits on a regular basis to ensure that progress, quality and work is in general accordance with the specifications provided. The co-ordinator's familiarity with the specifications and similar work experience is a help here, especially in problem solving when unexpected variations to occur because the specification condition was revealed in the place. If they are not in place at the time of going snags as you can expect reasonable availability of the phone during regular business hours.

The co-ordinator will also be the key holder has the capacity to assist in the ease of access for traders and delivery that allows you to work your own schedule throughout the project remains intact. Main contractor's application for interim and final payment will also be checked and verified for your approval and the project co-ordinator you will be thrown into the hands of an expert eye over the work is completed and will compile a snagging list for the contractor's completed before the end of the sign-off.

Although the interior design company in all their power to ensure that the work takes place in accordance with the specifications and schedule agreed upon, in the role of project coordination accept they do not have to be legally responsible for the contractor's method of operation, the order of carrying out the work, or the contractor's failure to complete the work in accordance with the terms of the contract between them and the client. Some companies design their own obligation to expose this through inappropriate billing practises and lax interpretation of the term Project Management.

So as customers who must pay what you should do?

Always explain to the designers of the right element will be provided through the company's design and the elements that are given directly. Ensuring that the designer makes the cost of the elements that are given directly. This is usually a percentage of the contractor's bills from the contractor charged with the payment. As a minimum, your contract for the work will consist of detailed specifications provided by the designer together with the contractor's estimate of the people against the specification. Akan have agreed start date and estimated duration of the project and will handle the whole cemented by a deposit payment to the contractor. This is usually enough - but the more detailed form of contract and you must decide whether that is suitable for you. Designers will be able to advise you.

Finally, if you design a company sub-contract works great, and act as Project Manager (in the sense of the actual phrase) of Project Co-ordinator (as described above), then do not forget to ensure that they continue to have appropriate insurance and do main to fix every problem that may occur in the building work.

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