Natural Lighting for Best Home Design

Natural lighting is the best system to make a living room, this best design house inspired by the process of photosynthesis, the nature of the sun's energy efficient, using only what is needed to support life. Through photosynthesis, plants convert light energy and carbon dioxide into oxygen, which can be used by the various forms of life. People can use the heat energy in their homes through passive-solar design. South-facing window room warm in winter by letting in the rays of the sun. In summer, you can position to close out the window Shades summer Sunday; basically, you're mimicking the way leaves and flowers follow the sun's movement.

On this design, we use modern and antique sofa design with white space to make more brightness, we also use the table minimalist design with a low altitude. Carpet color and design and a similar cushion, and also between the sofa and the wall. The most important of this design is the design in the natural width of the window so that natural light entering a room.

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