Choosing The Better Interior Design Schools

Planning is the first step for any building, therefore it is reasonable to assume interior design jobs will always be around. There is residential or commercial interior design. You can specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, hotels, museums, restaurants, lighting, space, exhibits, paint, fabrics, furniture, or TV/movie sets.

It can be difficult to choose your passion without dabbling in everything, which is where interior design schools come in handy. After pursuing four years of education, you will be ready for your first apprenticeship. After that, you can continue on to become a licensed professional interior designer.

One of the top interior design schools is Cornell University, located in upstate New York. What makes this interior design school unique is its specialized classes, such as Facility Planning, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Design and Environmental Analysis.

Making A Difference By Design, Arch History, Computer Aided Design, Interior Materials & Sustainable Elements, Restaurant Design, Hospitality Facility Design and Entrepreneurship & Business. Students will learn more than just the technical skills they need to succeed, yet will be asked to look at the larger picture of how innovative designs and colors impact our perception and our world.

The California College of Arts is another one of the interior design schools to consider. With more than 80% of its classes having 20 students or less, the emphasis here is personalized instruction and mentoring.

Students will gain internships as part of their coursework and will take other classes on building materials, space, lighting, technology, and interior design furniture. There are two campuses; one in San Francisco and one in Oakland to accommodate students. Tuition is $26,100 per term.

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