Make Room: Small Space-Saving & Flat-Pack Furniture ‘Mat’

No matter how small you make them, most transforming furniture objects end up taking up at least some space in their smallest configuration. Not so with this floor mat – a singular design object that folds flat to the floor but is filled with all kinds of creative surprises.

Dubbed the ‘Land Peal’, this design idea from Shin Yamashita works just like an area rug or colorless carpet when not otherwise in use – but contains a hidden desk, secret chair and other cool stuff in its flat folds. It is intentionally nondescript – the only decorative touches being splashes of primary colors indicating functional purposes within an otherwise gray field.

Made for modern small-space living (be it a dorm apartment or condo interior), this furniture piece can be folded out in various ways to create a number of spatial configurations through functional lounging, seating and working surfaces.

Need a desk to do some work on? Fold up two panels and you have it. Want some space to lay back in? A few flips and you can create back rests that lean at various angles, which in turn becomes a leg rest for when you are fully lying down. For anything from homework to watching television, conversing to sleeping, this would make an awesome addition to any shared or private interior space – living room, bedroom or (of course) even a kids’ playroom.

Hydraulic Living Room Car Lift Rides Right into Your Home

Ah, to be rich enough to simply drive into your underground garage onto a lift and be carried right into the heart of your living room – or at least to be able to implement other creatively luxurious interior design ideas like this one.

A moving platform – finished with wood slats to match the surrounding floors – lifts up and down on a hydraulic system at the push of the button, almost like something out of a spy movie.

Takuya Tsuchida (Photos by Koichi Torimura) twisted arms and fought building codes for his client when seeking to install this unique horizontal, in-house garage door and elevator system. Much like the infamous patio Cardok car lift design, the imprint left behind after the lifting process in the otherwise rather ordinary living room space is noticeable but not too obtrusive.

Considering the work that went into this amazing automobile elevator, however, one has to wonder if the rest of the rectilinear plan and white interior decor could perhaps use a bit more excitement as well – though perhaps that would detract from the sports vehicle sitting right next to your couch and park alongside your kitchen space.

Small Spaces in Style: Furniture Design & Decorating Ideas

There are many individual designs and interior ideas for making a small space more livable, but a single piece of transforming furniture or tactic for organizing better can fail to cover the big-picture questions of dealing with larger plans and layout strategies.

Poliform approaches the problem of small space living from the opposite angle – looking first at the larger-scale issues of size, demographics, needs and style, then focusing in on specific solutions that work as part of a whole plan for specific small homes, from entire interior design ideas down to furniture, furnishings, storage and decor.

My Life in 80 Meters Squared is a project that seeks to address the needs of a specific demographic: young urbanites who occupy modest boxes with more room than many but much less than a typical luxury dwelling. In other words, this may seem large enough to some, but is certainly not a mansion by any means.

In the kitchen, two tracks make for maximum efficiency in terms of spatial use. Walk-in bedroom closets provide ample storage without getting in the way. Furniture doubles as spatial dividers, creating conceptual partition walls without actually closing off different areas and making the rooms feel smaller. A couch here, bed there big bookshelves along the wall – no single object is the solution, but all together they work.

At the heart of this interior design is a wide-open living room and lunch area with double-height ceilings and the primary view to the outside, making this a strategy that would work even in a boxed-in condo or apartment unit stacked above, below and between neighboring residences. Again: this is just an idea – a built experiment, if you will, but is somehow far more convincing than the ultra-modern, single-style variants you typically see in idealized magazine layouts where not a single design object can be found out of place.

Master Bathrooms Gallery: 10 Modern Design Idea Photos

Some of the best designs have a dramatic twist, a hidden surprise that makes them worthy of note. Others are simply remarkably for their elegant simplicity, even if they are clean, perfect and idealized beyond the realm of real-life possibility – like the great (but expensive) ideas in these designer bathroom pictures.

With modular moving panels that let you shape space, these layouts from Karol of course require that you have enough space to actually divide your bathroom design into different areas. Also, some of these high-end luxury finishes may not make it into your next remodeling budget.

Still, while you may not have as much room as the bathrooms in these images do, some of these strategies still apply. Diffuse natural (or even artificial) lighting around a shower or bath tub, for example, can make for a more intimate bathroom space. A basin also often looks more contemporary and clean than a built-in sunken sink.

Simple black and white works well in the background with wood and mirror accents, and simple partitions even in smaller bathroom spaces can assist in compartmentalizing various functions and zones. Done right, these kinds of tricks avoid the need for excessive decorating as well – the painting and materials make up the decor.

Extra shelving, wall-hung mirrors, cabinets and vanities can help a space feel more open, light and free of clutter – even if you look for a cheap or DIY alternative to these more elegant prefabricated solutions and bathroom collections.