Let’s Go Couchsurfing


(images via Phillipe Malouin, Nicole Lehner & Luzia Kalin, blofield)

So you have company over, but need some options for extra sleeping space? Look no further than these couchsurfing alternatives. The Tent Sofa creates privacy with folding panels once transformed into a bed. Stay At My Home is an all in one package that allows you to provide a simple, comfortable sleeping option for your guest with a mattress, removable drawer, pillow, bedside lamp and carpet. This all fits in and around the side table pictured. Inflatable mattresses are so passé. Get an inflatable sofa instead. The Blofield Inflatable Chesterfields Sofa is constructed from the same material used in life rafts, which says something about its durability. You can use it as a permanent fixture in your place, or simply blow it up in less than five minutes for an overnight guest… or take it floating?


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